Shana H.
Phd in Health Sciences, Health Coach for Reversing Metabolic Syndrome
Devon S.
Epidemiologist and Health Coach
Natalia S.
IIN Graduate, Parent Coach
Anca C.
IIN Graduate, Health Coach, Author
Andrea C.
IIN Graduate, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor
Since we started working together I have truly broken down barriers and shaped up my program, aligned my thoughts and desires with my timeline, and by following the step by step process of her programs I’ve been able to build up the system I had no idea existed to help me launch my practice into the world.

What I’ve liked best working with Dawn is the human connection she's built for me, meeting me where I’m at not where she needs me to be to click on a check list and move on to the next client. As well, I’ve benefited from a lead by example approach being coached by Dawn.

I've already recommend her services to other health coaches I happen to know because I believe her system and approach is the ideal add-on to the year-long health coaching study program we have gone through.

I am very satisfied with the program, look forward to completing it and seeing my success in the near future expanding by continuing to grow my coaching practice and wealth with her support by my side.

Dawn's biggest selling point is her clean and simple-to-implement system, and holding us by the hand and drive to take off!

Lora M.
IIN Graduate, Quantum Mindset Coach, Investor
Mistral D.
Founder, Redhead Remedies
Dawn’s straight forward attitude and her confidence builds mine - her advice is so relevant to building my business NOW and its advice that I can implement straight away. 

I am learning how to build an ATTRACTA-licious selling machine funnel that will attract qualified clients TO me! 

I would absolutely recommend Dawn’s program to any Health Coach who is struggling to gain traction in their business and who wants to fill their calendar and fill their bank account FAST. 
Monica B.
Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach to pregnant & nursing moms
Dawn is an authentic & beautiful woman. She shines at the opportunity to contribute to someone both personally & professionally. 

She openly shares her successes and methods, in a real and solution-based way! 

I am thankful to have her on my side, and to have her encouragement! I highly recommend Dawn to other health coaches looking to build a virtual coaching practice.
Willa O.
Wellness Coach & Former Addiction Counselor
Dawn is a very positive, open, forthcoming and passionate teacher! She is diligent, hard working and gives EVERYTHING to her clients, just as she promised at the beginning! 

Since working with her, I learned so much about online marketing, creating pages and logos, and how to use Facebook to start a business. There's nothing missing from working with her! She is AMAZING! 

I highly recommend Dawn. She is the best out there! And I mean it! I've had many experiences trying to get a business online and Dawn offered the most support and effective training. When you decide to work with her you can be certain she will give you the most awesome support!
Cindi S.
Health Coach
I’m gaining confidence in marketing my business! Dawn is very personable, and I love that she doesn't hold back! She says what we all feel! 

I have a facebook page and group that each have over 100 members in less than 2 weeks! I have my funnel running and growing my email list. The videos were very helpful, and made it easy to watch as many times as we needed. 

The Live Q&A calls were the best! Spending time with others, learning and sharing. This group is a family and I will miss the twice weekly talks! 
Jessica K. 
IIN Grad, Health Coach to Stressed Out Moms, 
Founder, Loyo Wellness
I got my first high paying client – OWN my value & my worth and have CONFIDENCE with my business like never before!
Tina B.
Reiki Master and Energy Healer
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