Take your coaching income to $100K and beyond. 
You run a coaching practice—or you’re about to launch one soon. 

And you’re not here to play small. 

You want it all: meaningful work, dream clients, freedom and flexibility in your schedule, and serious money, too.

You want to earn six figures this year. Minimum. 

You want to live your purpose and make a GREAT living doing it. 

 You’re ready to make this happen NOW… 

And you’re ready to kick those gremlins to the curb, y'know ... the ones who’ve been holding you back. 

No more fear. No more imposter syndrome, no more scarcity mindset, no procrastinating and NO more overwhelm.

You’re ready to fill your calendar with yummy clients… and fill your bank account to 100k & beyond.

If you’re determined to live your purpose and make a great living...

The Health Coach Empowerment Company is where you need to be.

We have two programs. Where do you belong? 

[start and grow for beginning coaches]

[scaling for advanced coaches]

Become an Empowered Female Entrepreneur

Overcome Fear and Become The Powerful Feminine Force That You Are.

When you have the courage to speak your authentic truth it rocks the boat. 

It’s also one of the most empowering things you can do… for yourself AND your clients. 

Most of us were raised to play small. 

To be nice.

 To believe that we are less than. 

Yet, we feel a nudge, a nagging, an inner calling... 

to be more, do more, have more. 

We decide to become an entrepreneur and coach others… BOOM... 

Imposter syndrome steps in our way and keeps us small. 

Thinking and behaving like a business owner means understanding that.. 

You must invest to create results. 

Investing confidently requires overcoming fear. 

If you are terrified to invest, there is something great waiting for you on the other side. 

There are myriad ways to allow fear to keep you stuck.

There is ONLY ONE way to kick fear to the curb. 

And that is by seeking and allowing CLARITY to arrive. 

You get what you tolerate. 

You must risk losing everything in order to get anything. 

We Are All On A Journey.

New Coaches and Experienced Coaches.

 Those who go it alone will fail.

Worn and weary from the long and dusty road?

You've heard of the coaches who've been at it for 10 years. 

They've built a clientele using word-of-mouth and referrals. 

They went networking meetings, promoted themselves to local businesses and chambers of commerce.

They started with a blog and a website and now they have an online system that brings in leads and sales on the regular.

They've got experience under their belt and they're stuck in the time-for-dollar one-on-one coaching model and want to SCALE UP.

If this sounds like you, you're probably ready to double or triple your income while reducing your working hours. 

Ready to hustle but clueless on how to get started?

Congratulations, you've made a decision to become a coach, start a business and get clients online. 

You're excited to finally live your purpose so...

You get a website and make some posts on your fan page. 

But then... Crickets. 

What? This client-getting thing turns out to be harder than you gambled for!

And all the things you learned in the business module of your coaching certificate, well, THAT didn't work. 

You're starting to wonder if maybe it's YOU.

I promise you, it's not you. There are 7 billion people on the planet and nearly 3 billion on social media. You just need a way to find your people. 

Maybe you've been in your career for a while and it's time for a change... 

You want to create an online business so you can have freedom and flexibility.. work from home while doing other things you love. 

You don't need a coaching certificate but you've got expertise and 100% can help people get a result in their lives.

Ready to hustle & grind for about 8 weeks and then allow clients to come flowing in to you? 

Ready to be surrounded by a loving and supportive team who will hold your hand while you step through the fear to unleash your powerful feminine entrepreneur. ... 

and Kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb?  
Health Coach Business Bootcamp
A High-Touch 12-Week Mentorship For Coaches Seeking Startup and Growth
Let Us Hold Your Hand.
Deep Dives with Dawn

Meet with Dawn 1:1 to kick off your business growth so she can give you a head start on skyrocketing your business. 

Dawn will help you:
Get Clarity, Clear Limiting Beliefs & Set Big Goals
 Tiny Group Mentorship

Let us launch you quickly. Meet in "Tiny Groups" with a success coach. No cattle call here.. individual attention is where the magic happens. Your business is not cookie cutter which is why Tiny Groups are so important. We’ll define your niche, messaging, client-getting, sales calls WITH YOU. 
Your Brand

Develop your authentic personality online. Look professional, consistent and feel good about your online presence. 

Your Community

Rub shoulders with your new powerhouse, BFFs in business who will welcome you in to this feminine community with open, loving, supportive arms. 

(Lifetime access. Nobody does this!)

Your 3-Phased Strategy to 100k

Learn the 100k strategies inside the digital training program. Implement the strategies in your business. Then meet with in your Tiny Groups to review your progress, tweak and optimize.
Your Mindset

The number one enemy of the entrepreneur is fear. Sit with your fears, limiting beliefs and gremlins while our master EFT Practitioner guides you through two private sessions where you release these once and for all. Fear puts the brakes on. With this mindset work you will take your foot off the brake and pedal to the metal, baby!
Your Tech

Hate tech or too busy for it? No problem. We gotcha. 

Our tech team will look under the hood and help ensure you tech & ads are all  running on all cylinders.
We are committed to your success.

90% of success is showing up. We will be with you every step of the way.
We’re With You Long Term
Health Coach Business Bootcamp is just the beginning of your journey. 

We’re committed to helping you succeed, long term. 

Once you have a client attraction system up and running, you may be invited to join our HEALTH COACH TO 100K — an advanced program for coaches who are ready to grow to multi-six and seven figures.

Already hitting 5-10k months and now want to double, triple, quadruple it? 
You've nailed your niche.  (or maybe you still need help)

Your feel confident in your offer. 

You're working with clients already.

But, you aren't where you envisioned yourself.. making MASSIVE impact. 

You're looking to scale and expand your business so you can step into your leadership and serve more people. 

Serve more clients. Lead a team.

And step AWAY from the business from time-to-time for cryin' out loud!

You want to earn six figs or multiple six figs this year. PLUS.

 You’re ready to make this happen NOW… and you need an elite community of entrepreneurs who are farther along than you so their success can rub off on you.

No more going it alone. No overwork. No more burnout. No more doing everything yourself. You need a TEAM.

You’re ready to put in place systems, infrastructure, lead generation, so you can expand!

You need marketing strategies that WORK (and don't take a ton of time.)

If this is you, or you're a graduate of the Business Bootcamp, Health Coach to 100k is where you need to be.

A 6-month Mastermind For Experienced Coaches. 
Leverage Our Support While You Scale.
Quarterly Deep Dives

*All About You* private 1:1 deep dives with Dawn & team. 

Share your big goals, get unstuck, solve problems, pull up your big girl pants and move swiftly towards what you want.

We’ll dive into your business with you and custom tailor your year-long strategy. 

We'll Work On:
Business Scaling
Building a Team
Rocking Your Sales Skills
Launching & Optimizing Your Ads
Building & Refining Your Client Attraction System


Heart-Centered Sales Mastery

Submit your recorded sales  and receive personalized corrections and critiques so you can improve. 

Group coaching on your sales calls. 

Improve your close rate and fall in love with the sales process. 

Hire a sales team to take your calls for you!
Traffic & Tech

Test, Optimize, Refine and Scale! 

Know your numbers so you can hone, optimize and refine your automated marketing. 

Take your hands off the keyboard and let your systems do the work for you!


New Marketing Strategies

Learn the strategies tactics that are working in the marketplace today. Instagram, workshops, lead gen, growing your Youtube channel, etc.
Scalable Infrastructure

Implement the infrastructure that will allow you to increase your income and decrease your time spent working. 

Implement new tactics to leverage systems, processes, teams and paid advertising scale to new heights!


Annual Virtual Retreat

Expand your mind. Get your next million dollar idea. 

Hit “pause” on your usual routine and experience a virtual retreat that’s better than a trip to Hawaii... well, almost.

Together We Will Scale!


Grow Your YouTube Channel

Do TeleSummits and Grow Your List

Design & Implement an Outsourced LinkedIn Lead Gen System

Launch a Single Workshop and the Duplicate it Each Quarter

Group Coaching & Mastermind Back-End Systems

FB Ads 180 day Retargeting

Hiring and Training a Sales Team

FB Ads Venus FlyTrap and Lookalikes 

How Would Earning More Money Change Your Life?

Imagine having $200K per year, or $500K, or $750K. One day, $1 million.

You could invest in real estate.

You could start a college fund for your child.

You could give generously to social justice causes.

You could hire a nanny, housekeeper, tutor, driver, or personal assistant who improves your quality of life by 1,000x.

Money isn’t “everything," but it does make a lot of things possible.

The days of coaching for free, over-working, under-charging, and earning hobby money are over.

Join us. It’s time to reach for more. 

Let’s bring your coaching income to $100K and beyond! 

The sooner you start, the sooner you hit that six figure mark! 

Let’s do this, sister!

Wondering how Dawn can help you?
"After my first call with Dawn, I had a Business Blueprint in my hands and was able to get started growing my business right away. Best 45 minutes I ever invested!" - Kristina P.
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